I am a jewelry designer, maker,

photographer, website designer/builder, and inventory manager.

I am a small business owner.

Studio Celia is a small artisan jeweler located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Studio Celia is me, Celia.  I specialize in making unique, fun, easy-to-wear items.

Most of all, I love color.  It’s cheery.  It makes everyone smile.  And in today’s world, who can’t use an excuse to smile?  So a couple years ago, when guests to my Cape home brought microbrewery cans with their creative, colorful labels, I fell in love.  It took awhile and a whole lot of experimenting, but I found ways to save these beautiful cans from the trash heap and give them a second life.

But if you check out my shop, you’ll see I do far more than just upcycle beverage cans.

I studied traditional bench jewelry making (sawing, soldering, stone setting, engraving, silversmithing, polishing, etc.) at the School of Jewelery in Dublin, Ireland.

Using this foundation, I quickly decided I wanted to be more untraditional, and began apply classic techniques to alternative metals, like titanium, aluminum, and niobium (and beverage cans!).  Not only are these metals lightweight, they also don’t tarnish and are hypoallergenic.  No saggy ears, no polishing, no itching.  Win, win, win!

However, I still love the look of silver and gold and copper, so these metals will always be part of my collections.

Necklace in progress resize

No matter the metal, I am constantly experimenting with different shapes, media, stones, beads, and colors (of course!) and saying I wonder what would happen if . . .