About Studio Celia

A Short Love Story

The Start

It all began with a bracelet I saw on Etsy.  It would go perfectly with my dress for my second wedding. 

Being a lifelong DIYer, I thought, It can’t be hard to make that, right? 

Actually it could.  After the first and second tries fell apart, my not-yet-husband suggested I just buy the dang thing.

“Hah!”, I said.  And on the third try, I had my bracelet.  That was the start of my love of making jewelry.

The First Steps

When my new husband took a multi-year work assignment in Ireland, I went along.

Before we’d even arrived, I’d searched for jewelry making classes (or “jewellery” across the Pond).  And found the School of Jewellery in Dublin.

My classes included sawing, soldering, stone setting, engraving, wax carving, silver-smithing, polishing, and a deep immersion in Irish idioms.

Tree House Tasman Bay Can
Tasman Bay Necklace In Design
Tasman Bay Necklace

And Then There Was Studio Celia

The multi-year assignment ended and we were back home in Cape Cod. I soon started Studio Celia with pieces I’d created in Ireland.  Reciprocity in Harwich Port and the Worcester Center for Crafts were my first retail stores.  

But what I really wanted to do was apply classic techniques to unclassic, but awesome, metals like aluminum, and to mix metals with other things like polymer clay, and to add color to jewelry in non-standard ways other than enamel and stones.   (Not that stones, enamel, silver, gold, etc. are bad.  I still use those, too.)

Then our Cape Cod visitors starting leaving behind gorgeous microbrewery cans.  They’re aluminum right?  I knew how to work with aluminum, right?  How hard could it be?

 Sound familiar?   

After many, many failed experiments, upcycling beverage cans is now a core part of Studio Celia.  As is anodizing titanium, resin, powdercoating, and a bunch of other colorful, easy wear, and very cool stuff! 

We hope you love our continuing journey, too!

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